Smiles of a Child

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All of us at one time or another have looked at a famous person and thought, their life must be wonderful and exciting. Or how exciting is would be to join the Peace Corp. Most people are happy to dream but a few step out to live their dream. For the ones that take that leap of faith and live their dreams, great accomplishments can be achieved.

I do not speak English but I understand the words and acts of love

Our work in Mexico started with a dream, it was not my dream but it was a dream shared with me in the hope that we could help fulfill it. That was eight years ago and I now see how God has led us to accomplish many things for His people south of the border.

I now have my very own warm jacket thanks

Yesterday we brought two trucks and a trailer filled with food and supplies to help people that are in urgent need. I have seen the faces of mothers that cannot feed their children, it is not a happy face. The smiles of the children and the mothers when we arrive with food makes our many hours of hard work worthwhile.

This family, we will call family #4 lives in the small town of El Porvenir. The father died of TB a month ago leaving his 9 month pregnant wife and six children. Marcos the shepherd (Pastor) of the local church told us about this family and we added them to our ever growing list They are now attending church praise God.

The mother

The faces of the people we serve are always in our hearts and minds. It is their faces and smiles that keep us going even when we think we can’t. As I look into God’s word I can see that many of God’s servants must have felt as we do from time to time, knowing that God will lead us through if we put our Faith and trust in Him anything is possible.

Richard & Leslie Hytinen
House of Children Missions

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