Sad Story on Blue Mountain

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From time to time we get bad news from south of the border. That was the case with the Wheel Chair lady at Blue Mountain. She was crippled from the waist down when her husband through her out of the car while driving down the highway. That is just the start of a long sad story.
Being crippled and stuck in a chair she cannot work. Her five children are too young to work and no governments help to be had. Before we found her she was forced to have sex with the men of the town to feed her children. With that came drugs to ease her pain. When we found the family we could see that they needed much help not only food but the love of the Lord.
Most of the time we would walk away from people that buy drugs instead of food for their children but in this case it was a different matter. The DIF (children protection agency of Mexico) came into the home and did a drug test and now she has to go to a rehab center for six months. In cases like this the children would be split up and placed in orphanages around the Baja for up to two years.
Her old father stepped in and said that he would take care of the children. The DIF asked how you will feed them, he told them about the house of children missionaries; the DIF said they knew about us and it might work out.
This is a sad story that for me is hard to Wright about but now the story is told. Please pray for this family and many more like them. Our work is not easy but when we can change lives it is all worth the hard work.

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