Projects finished in 2010

The Orphanage in Guadalupe, Baja Mexico

With the year coming to its end I have looked back to see what has been finished south of the border.

Blue Mountain – Brenda and her seven children have a home!

The home is 20×20 with a loft that is about 200sq feet for the boys to sleep. The only girl has her own room and Brenda has a room. This project will be finished in 2011 with the building of a bathroom and kitchen additions to the home.

Casa Hogar Monte Horeb – In Guadalupe (Orphanage)

  • Installed a concrete water tank that holds 2,000 gal
  • Installed under ground water piping and pump
  • Installed new water tower 24’ tall with 500 gal tank
  • Installed new floor covering on second floor of home
  • Finished bathroom on second floor
  • Installed doors on second floor
  • Installed 6’x22’ steel gate
  • Painted walls and doors on their compound.

Pastor Eddie’s New Home In Zaragoza

  • Installed new ceiling
  • Electric
  • Drywall
  • Paint
  • Water tower
  • Doors
  • Floor covering
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Inside lights
The pastor and his family is now living in their new home. The home is behind the church, on the same property. We hope to finish the out side of the home before the end of the year and finish the water system.

Religious Texts

We have brought hundreds of bibles and thousands of tracts to churches in the Baja of Mexico.

Rehab center – El Porvenir

  • Cased the 35’ water well with cement
  • Built a 24×32 dining room and kitchen
  • Built a 24×32 dorm building
  • Built a 24×32 chapel /class room
  • Installed new water tower and tank
  • Built a water treatment building 10×10
  • Installed underground electric and water to new buildings
In 2011 they will finish building a new office with a small clinic.

Rehab Centers at Blue Mountain

We provided help with a small addition that will be used for a bedroom.

Provided a water tower for their second center called “The Ranch”

All of the work that we have been involved in this year is for the glory of God and the safety of his children. We have not done all of the work but we are instrumental in all of the projects. This year we have made 60 trips and spent 68 days in Mexico. Many of the trips were to bring food and building supplies.

We thank all who have prayed for our safety and the children we serve. We thank all the many people that have gave their time to help with the many projects. Thanks to all at Meadowlark church for their support.

We are a faith based 501c3, we feel that God has given us the work and he will provide the things we need and the funds that make it all happen. We praise God for his faithfulness.

2011 will be our seventh year serving the children of God in Mexico. We know that 2011 will be an exciting yet challenging year, with faith we press forward to do Gods work.

Richard & Leslie Hytinen
December 2010