Our Work

While our main focus is with the well-being of the children, we also work with many parts of the community in the Baja of Mexico…

The Children

There are many homes for children in Mexico. A few homes are large and able to house over 50 children. Most are small and run by laymen who cannot bear to see the children on the street; these host 1 to 5 children. The government does not fund any of the many homes.The only funding  most of these homes receive is from people like you.

The alternatives for these children are unthinkable. It is sad but true when the funding slows down because of the economy in the US and Canada the homes do not have the money for basic needs. When this happens some of the older children are asked to leave and many of these children end up on the streets to be preyed on by evil people.


Pastor’s House

We have been worked slowly but surely building a home for the Pastor of Eddie of Zaragoza.

Community and Hospital

The small town of Guadalupe is much like many small towns in the Baja of Mexico.  We have brought desks chairs bookcases and file cabinets for the doctor’s office along with Medical supplies. Our home church and many of the families in the USA have gladly given items they no longer need. These items are desperately needed and gratefully received by the people in Mexico.

The teachers at the small school want to meet me. I am sure that they need basic school supplies but God has not supplied us for that mission yet.

Men’s Rehab Centers


The three centers we work with are Christ based. The many men at the centers are being healed from not only the drugs they have used but from the many hurts in their lives. Over the last seven years we have seen men near death become vibrant men of God. Of all the people we work with south of the border we feel the Holy Spirit working in the men the most.

The men at the centers have helped us with many projects over the years and have been a real blessing in our work when labor has been in short supply.

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