More Mud

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As we headed back north we stopped at the taco stand and had lunch before our seventy mile drive north to Blue Mountain.  Our first stop was at the wheel chair lady.  The roads were mud filled and it was like driving on wet ice.  We pulled down the road and stopped short of the home.  I made my way to the home through the wet slippery clay.  No one was home and a large padlock was on the door.  When I got back to the truck John asked if I had a plan.  How would we get out of the mud we were in?  I walked behind the truck and looked at the hill side that was brush filled.   I would back up the hill to get turned around.  As we backed up I felt relieved that the brush held up the truck and we did not sink.  As we pulled ahead the front tires hit the muddy road, the tires were heading in the right direction but the truck went straight.  I once again backed up but this time the tires were flinging mud as the back of the truck slid sideways. With years of driving in the snow in Upper Michigan,          

                                                             I knew that it was time to stop.

       I looked down the small bank were a young boy was watching us through the window.  I knew that if we kept trying the truck would soon be in their living room. God sent five men to help and after a few tries they managed to push the truck back into the center of the road.  As we looked down the long mud bog they said rapido (go fast) I advised John to hold on tight.  We started slow as to get traction when I hit a dryer high spot I hit the gas and flew over the mud at 45 MPH up a small hill and we were now on the long downhill ride to a better road. John smiled and thanked Jesus for the favor and his protection as we headed to Brenda’s home on the other side of town.

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