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Bob and were off to Mexico Monday with a new wood water heater for the men’s center in El Porvenir. Along with panels and rafters for the new home we plan to build in April.
The men’s center was abuzz with the new construction of the second dorm building and across the campus I saw three men trying to catch three roosters for their dinner. After a quick call Carlos arrived at the center and we greeted each other, while the men unloaded the truck.
The men were not quite sure what to think of the new wood fired water heater I had brought them. As I set up the tank and mounted the burner under it a small group of men had gathered to watch the goings on, and the questions started, how does it work? Where do you put the wood? What are the two hoses for? With every question came an answer and soon the men started to understand and were excited in the anticipation of a hot shower.
New wood fired water heater, and it works well.

At the border the guard looked at the stuff in our truck, I think she thought that we were hauling junk and said you pass. More parts for the new home got down without having to pay duty, praise our might God!
We arrived at the men’s center in Blue Mountain to drop off a shower door for Hectors new bathroom and I gave him and the men greetings from the men from El Porvenir. As I was telling them about the new water heater we had just delivered one of the men said we also have hot showers! We have a boiler! Come and see it. As I rounded the back of the bathrooms a man was stuffing wood into the small opening of an old gas water heater and fanning the flames with a piece of plywood. The smoke stack ran up through the wood roof and was strapped to the edge of the building. The pipe went up at an angel another six feet in the air. Why the whole thing has not burned down can only be of God’s design.

I think they need a new way to heat water.

On this trip we also brought down 4,000 Christian tracks that we have printed at our home in Escondido. Daniel Schutte the director of “The Inner-city church Planting Mission” team in Grand Rapids Michigan gave us the master of their Spanish Track, so we could print them hear as that would save shipping costs. These tracks are sought after by the many poor churches in Mexico whom have very few resources.
This trip to Mexico was a quick one and with a light load and no trailer we moved right along and got home at 3:00 pm.
The team from Michigan had to back out and we are now in need of a few folks that would like to help build the home in El Porvenir. It will go quick (3days) because all of the parts are pre cut. We have a great place to stay over and it is close to the home site. Let us know if you can join us the first part of April 2012.
Richard & Leslie Hytinen
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