Homes 4 Children update

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Homes 4 Children (update)
When Bob and talked about building a home for a very poor family in El Porvenir we decided to build a real home not just a box with a roof on it. After almost six months of planning we came up the design and a new for Mexico concept. The home will be 24’x24’ with two bedrooms a full bath and kitchen.
Twenty four 4×8 wall panels will make up the outside walls and it will take another twelve to complete the inside walls. The panels will have insulation, electric and all of the openings for windows and doors cut in them. The ridge board that holds the rafters will drop into pre cut slots and will be marked for the rafters.
We now have most of the outside wall panels made and delivered to Mexico. We will have a few men over to build the inside walls and pre cut the rafters. Just think we will have built an entire home on our patio.
One of the problems that we still face is what we will do with the family when we tear down the shack that they are living in. We are looking at a closed in car port 10×20 that might work for a make shift shelter for a week or two.
The men’s center in town will help with this project and are ready to get started as soon as we tell them. We still need the cement and a few blocks for the floor and the sewer tank. We know that God will touch a few hearts and we will be able to finish the home and move this family out of the mud they have been living in. Just think about not having a shower or power and having rain running through your home.
Having a safe home is one thing all children need and that is why we do what God has led us to do.

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