Homes 4 Children 4/7/12

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Day 1

It has been a busy week to say the least. On Monday Bob and I headed down

As we pulled into the small building site in Porvenir the old shack was just a

Memory that would be gone forever, in its place would be a new home and

We made our way to the men’s center just down the road to pick up a few men to help with the project and we were soon back at the site with five men.  As the men unloaded the piles of boards and steel roofing from the roof rack I could hear a sigh of relief from the old Chevy.  We snapped the first of many lines on the new slab and soon the plates for the walls outlined where the walls would be erected.  Bob and some of the men went to fetch the walls at the center that we had stored inside the newly erected dorm.  Soon Bob was directing the unloading and placing the wall panels on the slab.  With a numbered drawing in hand Bob soon had the first of the two corners ready to lift in place.  We soon learned that a large sludge hammer was our friend as the panels were heavy and needed to be bumped into place.


As the day went on the home was really starting to take shape and the new concept that we had worked on was working without too many bugs. Soon we were lifting the two large panels that made up the end of the home and outlining the angel of the roof line, with a thump they dropped into place. Soon the bedroom wall was in place and again we had to drop into place two more panels that would hold up the ridge board that would carry the rafters. The ridge board was notched out and marked for the rafters and as two of the men strained with it 12 feet in the air I was relieved when it fit and nestled itself into the pre cut notches.


Day 2; was soon on us as we had men working on the new sewer tank and others cutting studs for a bed room that we were to add for the mother.  The 12×24 addition was added to the project when we found out that she had two more children that we where not aware of when we designed the home.  They will end up with a 12×12 covered summer kitchen and a place to sit in the shade in the summer.  The sun was hot and my old straw hat kept blowing off which got more than a few laughs.  The rafters were now going on and it was hard work to alien them while balanced on a large ladder high in the air.  I am not used to this work as most of my work is building cabinets not homes.  I praise God for all of the talent He has given to me.  It would seem that over the years and the many projects that I have done that God has been building me to do his work.

Day 3&4; the sun was breaking when I walked outside to the home we were staying at in Porvenir.  The air was filled with the sounds of the morning, birds, dogs and the crow of the many roosters filled the air in a fevered pitch that made me chuckle.  We were soon at the men’s center and they were ready for another day of work.  Today we would start the plywood on the roof.  The generator broke the silence and soon the work site was a buzz.  The new home was taking shape and through the day many people from the town were walking bye to see the blessing that was taking shape for this family that was in such need.  I will never know what impact this home will make for the kingdom of God but I know it will.  The walls were finished on the sewer tank and now were being plastered.  The plywood on the roof was up to the mother’s bedroom and the sheeting was on her walls.  Our next project was to install one half of the new water tower that would supply running water to the kitchen and bathroom.  The tower would be twelve feet tall and the back part of the tower would hold up the large beam that would carry the roof of the summer kitchen.  The footings were laid and the cement was poured as we braced the tower side that would hold the beam.

Day 5; as we arrived at the site the family was waiting for us with smiles.  Eddie the oldest of her boys has been a great help in our work along with his brother.  Now was the time to set the large beam from the house to the water tower.  At eight feet this was a cake walk and it was soon up.  The last ridge board was set in place and as we laid in the next rafter we had a problem, it was ¾ of an inch to short.  As we did not have them pre cut I went to work cutting the last seven rafters. Soon they were installed but I could not reason why they would have changed.  As I got on top of the wall I found out why.  I forgot to place a two by four on top of the large beam. With a lot of sign language we pushed up all of the rafters and slid in the missing piece of wood.

Our trip north was filled with joy as two weary workers headed for home and some American food and our wives that were waiting for their men to return.  The home is about 75% finished and we will soon be heading south to finish the project.  Would you like to help? All the heavy work is finished.  Doors, windows, painting, kitchen cabinets and bathroom are left to be finished.


If you would like to help in the final phase of this project give us a call.  There is nothing like giving of your time to bless others that cannot do for themselves.  When we bless others God blesses us and brings a great wealth of joy to our lives.

We would like to thank the men from “Un Nuevo” Rehab center for all of their hard work, Their Director Carlos Carreon for his help with his heavy equipment and the sand and gravel for the project. We thank Pastor Marcos for sharing the church home for our stay while we were in Porvenir, my dear friend Bob Brothwell for his faithfulness and unwavering support in our work.

We give big thanks for all who have donated the funds and their time to pre- build the panels for this home. And mostly we give thanks to God for making it possible to share His love with every person we meet and help south of the border.

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