Heaven Stoves

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This stove is truly a miracle.  For the last eight years we have seen poor families cooking on the ground with a wood fire.  In the Baja wood is hard to find for many folks.  It takes a lot of it to cook a meal and this is just another burden for the poor that can’t buy LP gas.

Steve (my brother) called on day and said he was building a rocket stove.  I had never heard about them and Steve gave me a link and when I started to look at them God was working in my mind and heart.

Two days later I started to build a stove; three hours later I fired it up and could not believe how hot it got with a small hand full of wood.  The next day Bob came over and we lit again and sat a cast iron pan with four cups of cold water on the top of the stove.  In eight minutes it had a rolling boil in the pan.  The small hand full of wood burned for twenty minutes.  Bob 82 years old said he had never seen anything like it.  Two days later we felt that God wanted us to run with it and started to build more for the people we serve.  We now have two of the stoves in Mexico with another one going down this week. The two families that have stoves have been blessed. We have let God enter our lives and minds.  Our passion for His work has led us to discover that with God all things happen for his glory.  We have called this new stove “Heaven stove

At a cost of around $60.00 they are cheap to build and will last for many years and cook meals using just a hand full on sticks.

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