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There are many ways that you can help, we welcome anything that you can give. Join us on a trip or simply pray for our mission…

Prayer Requests

Is Mission work not for you?

It is true that internal mission work is not for the faint of heart and not every one is cut out for this work. I have been blessed with the passion to work with the children of Mexico. Every person being rich or poor can do one thing from the safety of your home…

Please pray for our work and please pray for the many children that have no home or food today.

Mission Trips

I love to take people down to Mexico to see our work with the children. This I promise, you will be blessed.

Food is provided and you will eat some of the best that Mexico has to offer. You haven’t tasted Mexican food until you have tasted it in Mexico.

We also cater to special needs. You can eat hot dogs or steak.

We have work for all skill levels and have many projects to choose from. The work we do for others is for the glory of God.

Day trips:

If you want to get your feet wet with missions, this is a great way to start. I go almost every other Saturday for a day trip. It takes three hours to drive one way. It makes for a long day, but you cannot imagine how immensely the Lord will bless you until you go. Plus I’m just thankful I don’t have to walk it like Jesus did. 🙂 The mission is 130 miles from my home in Escondido CA. The roads are good and most of the time the traffic is light. Bring your camera because the views are fantastic.

Short term trips:

We can put together a custom trip for groups of 4 to 12 people for 7-10 days. Based on your preference there are a couple options for accommodations. In town there is a new motel with a pool that gives us a great rate, but I think that the ones that have been blessed the most were the ones that stayed on the campus and lived with the children. Many people have come to help over the years. I think I can safely say that all have been richly blessed.  We also partner with Mission Possible for other international opportunities.

Long term trips:

We have a need for volunteers to help with the daily work with the children, also to teach them English. This home is a Christian home were the love of the Lord is tough on a daily basis. To volunteer for a month to a year will change not only your life but will also change the lives of the many children.

Passports are now required to come back from Mexico. Be sure to get yours now!

Please call Richard Hytinen to book your trip for 2011-2012

• Director, Richard Hytinen – Cell: 760-522-6870

• Office: 760-747-5071

• Or email us:

Other things you can give:

Milk Money

I’d like to tell you a story about the little children in Mexico.

Two years ago I found out that the children were getting very little milk. I would go to Mexico almost every Saturday to bring food and supplies for the construction of the home. When I would get into the small town of Guadalupe I would stop at the store. I would pick up 2 gallons of milk for the children. This would not happen every week but often. After not going for 8 weeks because we were working out of town I stopped by the store and got 3 gallons of milk. When I arrived at the children’s home I set the milk on the wall where the children could bring it in and put it away. The children came screaming out of the house to give me hugs and suddenly they stopped. They were looking at the 3 gallons of milk sitting in front of them. I thought that a little strange. Later that day Pastor Lupe told me a story. He said that the children had been asking him for milk. He put his hands in his pockets and pulled them inside out. He told the children that he had no money for milk. He told the children to pray for milk and he assured the children that God would provide for their needs. Lupe told me that all the children prayed for two days for milk. When I showed up God used me to fulfill the children’s prayers.

The children need milk but they get very little of it. We cannot bring milk across the border so it must be bought in Mexico at about $3.00 per Gal. We have created a special milk fund to set aside money to assure that the children will get the much-needed milk. It costs about $180.00 per month to provide milk to 12 children.

Right now our cow is dry. Please when you talk to God keep the children in your thoughts.

Send Rice

I have the opportunity to buy bulk rice by the ton. In buying the rice this way we can feed almost twice as many meals at the same cost. The rice is 500 miles away from us but we have connections with a shipping company whose trucks often return empty. They have been so kind in the past to bring building supplies that were donated for our work in Mexico. We will bag the rice into 50lb bags and bring it to the needy in Mexico.

Mobilize Others

One of the greatest (and easiest) ways to getting involved is in spreading the word about the work we do. Bookmark the pages here, tell your friends and family, comment on the blog posts, tell everyone to ‘Like’ our Facebook page.