Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I pray for you and this mission?

  1. Pray that the children’s home will get more funding to add a small staff to take the burden of all the work off Chuyita and Lupe.
  2. Pray for discernment in our work in Mexico. That the small amount of funding we have for our work can be stretched to serve more of the most in need of God’s children.

Can I adopt a child from Mexico?

Yes you can. But it is hard to do and most often will take a long time. In Mexico many children are placed in the home because the government has seen abuse or neglect. Others are placed in the home because the parent cannot support the child. In these situations a child would not be adaptable. In some cases one of the parents dies and the other parent cannot be found this is why it is hard to adopt a child in Mexico.

Who runs the homes?

Most children’s homes are run by people that have a kind heart for the children. In the small homes no one gets paid. The people that run the many homes operate totally on donations. In the larger homes they have paid staffing. The large homes are better funded but still see short falls when the donations do not come in.

What do we do at the rehab centers and why?

The rehab centers that we help out from time to time are run like the many orphanages. The men and women in these centers live a hard life but it is better than the life they lived before they came to the center. Our work at the centers is to provide the basic needs, to provide safe housing. We do not support them with a steady supply of food or clothing. More often we put out special need fires that pop up from time to time. We try to be a safety net for the men and women at the centers.

We do this because from time to time we get help on other projects from the rehab centers. Whenever we need help the men always are willing to give a hand. It is hard work we do but with many hands the work gets done.

Who runs the orphanage that you built ?

Pastor Lupe and his wife Chuyita are some of the rare people in this world that have huge hearts for the children. They run the home. This home has 12 children and will hold up to 38 children. They could fill the home overnight but they do not have the staff or the money at this time. Doing laundry every day with 3 washers going is a big job. And then to cook 3 meals every day is a full time job. All mothers know what it takes to run a home; just think how it would be with 12 children.

Lupe is in charge of the grounds; bringing the children to school and back. He also does the counseling with the children. He preaches in several churches in the area. He is also teaches the children to do their chores. From time to time he has to be the judge and the jailer with the children. Over the past few years I have never seen anything but the greatest love for the children coming from Lupe and Chuyita, even though they have little funds and at times not much food.

The faith of the many people that run the homes and centers in Mexico have inspired my faith in God and in mankind.

Are there other areas in that community I could help in?

Community service: The small town in Guadalupe, Mexico is much like many small towns. In the past we have had puppet shows for the children in the Town Square. I have also brought desks, chairs, bookcases and file cabinets for the doctor’s office and for the teachers. We also bring much needed medical supplies for the doctor at the small clinic.

Schools: The teachers at the small school want to meet me. I am sure that they need basic school supplies but God has not supplied us for that mission yet.

I am interested in mission trips.

Yes we do have mission trips. We have all kinds to fit all schedules. Please visit our get involved page for more information.